Things That Kid Love And Need The Most

We have different memories some of them are harsh and some are sweet. One such memory is childhood. Here are some of the things that kids love to do.

  1. Choice – Kids do not like to be told what to do. They like to make decisions and choices on their own. They appreciate choices.
  1. Celebrations – Children like to celebrate birthdays, festivals. They like to put on a new dress of their own choice and they definitely look forward to decorating, celebrate the same way our family celebrates.
  1. Artwork – When we appreciate the little artworks done by the little hands they feel very proud and that moment will be the happiest moment for them.
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  1. Piggy banks – Children love to save their money in the piggy banks. Even though it may be an ample amount they save money very carefully in their piggy banks.
  1. Stories – They like listening to stories about when they are little. They also like listening to scary stories even though they are scared of the ghosts.
  1. Cartoons – Kids love to watch their favourite cartoon series like Tom and Jerry, power rangers, harry potter etc.
  1. Cuddles – A child wants to be cuddled, they need physical touch and nothing is better than cuddles.
  1. Friends – Children want to have friends of their own age to love and accept them. They share their toys and play along with them.
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  1. Grandparents – Kids have a special kinship with their grandparents. They spend much with their grandparents by asking them to tell stories, going for a walk etc.
  1. Support – If a child has a talent when we support their passion and provide opportunities there is nothing better.

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