The Trishul of Picheeswar – The Hurdles of Vishnu

Chapter 11: The Hurdles of Vishnu

Date: 02/04/2016

Place: Siranur

Mythology Series : The Trishul of Picheeswar – The Accident Spot

It was a Saturday and Subramani reached Siranur police station at 8.45 a.m. in the morning.

There was no one in the police station except the watchmen and cleaning women in the station.

He entered the station. They saw him once and they continued their job. He went to his table where the records got kept. He took the file of Kannappan.

He went to a private room in the police station and took his mobile phone.

He dialed to Adiseshan’s mobile number. Adiseshan picked the phone call.

Adiseshan said,”Hello”

Subramani said,”Good morning sir”

Adiseshan said,”Good morning”

Subramani said,”Mr.Adiseshan, this is Subramani from Siranur”

Adiseshan said,”Oh! Mr.Subramani, I got information from Vishnu sir”

Subramani said,”yes sir, this is a top secret case”

Adiseshan said,”hmm…yes he told me”

Subramani said,”I will send you their mobile numbers, you need to get their call list within today evening”

Adiseshan said,”hmm..ok”

Subramani said,”thank you, sir”

Adiseshan asked,”anything else?”

Subramani replied,”no sir, nothing more except the matter is confidential”

Adiseshan said,”ok sir, you can trust me one hundred percent”

Subramani said,”thank you, sir”

Adiseshan said,”Ok, bye”

Subramani said,”bye sir”

Adiseshan disconnected the phone call. Subramani kept the mobile phone in his pocket and went to his cabin.

After one hour, Vishnu came to the police station.

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On seeing the arrival of Vishnu, Subramani came to his cabin.

Vishnu asked,”did you complete my instructions?”

Subramani said,”Yes sir”

Vishnu said,”Ok, he will send the data to my email. I will talk to you after analyzing it”

Subramani said,”ok sir”

Vishnu said,”get prepared for anything”

Subramani said,”thank you, sir”

Vishnu asked,”thanks for what?”

Subramani replied,”giving this opportunity to me”

Vishnu said,”In our life, we should volunteer for everything. Then only we will get opportunities”

Subramani said,”well said, sir”

Vishnu asked,”did you have your breakfast?”

Subramani said,”yes sir”

Vishnu asked,”then can you order a tea for me?”

Subramani said,”sure sir”

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Subramani went to his cabin and gave a call to a nearby tea vendor. He ordered tea for all the people in the police station. The total number of People in Siranur police station was 10 including all the officers. Subramani and Vishnu turned out to be close friends among them. So, they started dealing cases together. The other officers did not care about their friendship because they too had many cases to handle. In some police stations, there were people who would envy the work of others. Since everyone was busy with their work they did not pay attention to the work of Vishnu and Subramani.

But, the Kannappan’s case shook up everyone on Friday. So, Vishnu made a back off from the open inquiry and made it as a confidential one. Vishnu was strong in his mind that he wanted to know the ultimate truth. Even he too had the belief in the Puranas of Lord Shiva, but he never wanted to lose himself to criminals.

Over two decades of service in the police department, he had been a tool for higher officers to solve complex cases. Hence his doubt will fall on everyone in every aspect.

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Many times, he had fought with his senior officers towards the law. His anger and rage turned his own seniors against him and his promotion got kept aside for years. He got fed up of this and his marriage also was never approved due to the constant problems he had. He wanted an ultimate liberation now. He even started to hate the police department from his inner heart.

(To be continued…)

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