The Trishul of Picheeswar – The Escape

Chapter 14: The Escape

Date: 02/04/2016

Place: Somangalam

Mythology Series : The Trishul of Picheeswar – The Accident Spot

Vishnu and Subramani reached Somangalam at 7.30 p.m. in the night. It was a remote village. It had some shops and nighttime hotels located here and there in a scattered manner. Both of them stopped at a roadside hotel.

Subramani had the address of Bairavan. The House of Bairavan got located in K.P. Colony, Somangalam. The House number was 13. Subramani went to the hotel and enquired the directions for going to K.P.Colony.

A guy directed him to the address. Subramani came back to Vishnu and they again started the bike and moved on. Within 10 minutes, they reached K.P.Colony. They passed their vision over the houses, one by one. There were streetlights located, so they were able to see the house numbers.

Vishnu stopped the bike exactly before the house number 13. The house was pretty big and a compound wall covered all the four sides of the house.

There was a good parking space inside the house. The Gate opening was also big. On seeing the size of the house, Vishnu got surprised.

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Vishnu asked,”is this a house of a lorry driver?”

Subramani said,”Yes, I too wonder about that”

Both of them got down from the bike. There was a lady of around 35 years old and girl of around 8 years old sitting in the front sit out of the house. A two-wheeler got parked on the left side parking area. Vishnu opened the gate and walked inside. Subramani followed him behind. The lady got up on seeing them. The girl was doing some writing work in her school notebook.

Vishnu asked,”is this Bairavan’s house?”

The lady said,”yes sir”

Vishnu asked,”can I see him?”

The lady said,” he is not in home sir”

Vishnu asked,”when will he return?”

The lady said,”He said that he is going to North India, and will take some 20 days to return”

Vishnu exclaimed,” how can he go without informing us?”

The lady asked,”any problem sir?”

Vishnu said,”yes, he had done an accident at Siranur and he has left without informing”

The lady exclaimed,”Oh! my god, he did not inform me about the accident”

Vishnu said,”this is increasing our doubt over him”

The lady shouted,”Oh! my god, how can he do this to me?”

The lady started to cry. Vishnu and Subramani were standing there in a dumbfounded manner. The little girl also started to cry on seeing her mother.

Vishnu said,”Madam cool down, this is a formal inquiry”

The lady said,”without informing me, he has run away sir. How can I be calm?”

Vishnu asked,” What is your name?”

The lady said,”Amudha”

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Vishnu said,”listen to me Mrs.Amudha, we will solve this. Don’t worry”

She fell down on the ground and started to cry. On hearing the sound of her, some of the neighborhood ladies came towards the house in a fast manner.

Subramani said,”Sir, the problem is turning serious”

Vishnu said,”Ok, don’t tell them anything about the accident”

Subramani said,”Ok sir, let us manage the situation”

Vishnu said,”be tight-lipped, don’t leak any matter”

Both of them were not able to move from the place. Three ladies were there.

One of them asked,”what sir? Who are you, people? Why is she crying?”

Vishnu said,”we came for a formal inquiry, she started crying”

The lady asked,”what is the matter?”

Vishnu said,”an accident case”

Amudha said,”hmm..rekha, he has gone away without informing them”

The lady who talked to Vishnu was Rekha.

Rekha said,”Oh!, sir, he is a good guy only”

Vishnu asked,”then, why did he run away?”

Rekha said,”we don’t know, we will inform you immediately if he comes”

Vishnu said,”hmm…ok, you give your mobile number to Subramani”

Rekha said,”Ok sir”

Subramani took a note of Rekha’s mobile number.

Vishnu said,”Ok, we will come later. Now she is not well”

Rekha said,”Ok sir”

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Vishnu and Subramani walked out of the house in a slow manner.

They got the bike and left the place.

Subramani said,”Sir, your judgment is correct sir. Bairavan has eloped”

Vishnu said,”yes, then this is a murder, 100 percent”

Subramani asked,”then why the call list numbers did not match with both the list?”

Vishnu said,”the man who hired Bairavan could be an opponent Kannappan”

Subramani said,”hmm…there is a possibility”

Vishnu said,”Or else, there could be a third person whom we don’t know”

Subramani said,”hmm…yes”

Vishnu said,”Or else, there could have been some pro-longed vengeance in Bairavan’s heart for years”

Subramani said,”there are many possibilities, sir if you think in all directions”

Vishnu said,”hmmm…let us wait and see”

Subramani said,”Hmmm…yes sir”

They stopped the bike at a roadside hotel on the highway. Vishnu was hungry. Subramani refused to eat in that hotel. So, Vishnu made him sit and he had his dinner. After that, both of them started again towards Vilvakundam. They reached Vilvakundam at night 9.45 p.m.

Subramani said,”Ok sir, I will go home, we will talk tomorrow”

Vishnu said,”hmm..I too need rest”

Subramani said,”Hmmm…good night sir”

Vishnu said,”Good night”

Saying so, Subramani got over his bike and he left the place. Vishnu opened the door and went inside the house. He locked the front door from inside. After refreshing himself, he fell on the bed to get a good sleep.

(To be continued…)

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