The Trishul of Picheeswar – A Plan to Investigate

Chapter 10: A Plan to investigate

Date: 01/04/2016

Place: Vilvakundam

Mythology Series : The Trishul of Picheeswar – The Accident Spot

Subramani asked,”What is our plan now?”

Vishnu said,”now we have two main suspects here in this case”

Subramani asked,”who are they?”

Vishnu said,”Bairavan and Kannappan”

Subramani said,”only one out of them could be the culprit”

Vishnu said,”yes, but Bairavan is a lorry driver and he is not a major beneficiary out of her death”

Subramani said,”Kannappan has a lot of properties in his own name, so he is also not a major beneficiary”

Vishnu said,”hmm…so only we need to do some field work. I don’t get a clear motto of the murder”

Subramani asked,”if it is a real accident, what will we do?”

Vishnu thought for a while. His mind did not accept that it was a real accident. He felt a smell of lies in the gestures of Kannappan.

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Vishnu said”I suspect Kannappan”

Subramani asked,”hmmm…what can we do now?”

Vishnu asked,”Do you have the mobile numbers of Bairavan and Kannappan?”

Subramani said,”yes, it is in our office records”

Vishnu said,”So, you go to the office tomorrow early morning. Take their mobile numbers and send it to my friend Adiseshan”

Subramani asked,”who is this Adiseshan?”

Vishnu said,” he is an inspector in the cybercrime department, Chennai”

Subramani said,”Oh! Great”

Vishnu said,” he will get you the call list for their mobile numbers in a secret manner”

Subramani said,”Oh! That would be a good move”

Vishnu said,”and then, we will spy on Bairavan tomorrow evening”

Subramani asked,”why?”

Vishnu said,”see, every culprit’s mind will be a hero. When he is out of the police periphery, he will expose himself as a warrior to his friends”

Subramani said,”hmmm”

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Vishnu said,”that too, the incident has happened today only, so he would be giving some loose talks to his friends in some wine shops”

Subramani laughed,”ha! ha! ha!…you are cinematic sir”

Vishnu said,”many movies are real life incidents”

Subramani said,”hmmm…Ok sir…we will spy on him”

Vishnu said,”if he is the culprit, we can catch him right away, or else if he is innocent then we will start following Kannappan”

Subramani said,”hmm…good idea”

Vishnu said,”but, today when Sujatha said that Kannappan helps many poor people, mmm…that Bairavan may be the prime culprit”

Subramani said,”if that is the case, what would be the reason for the attack?”

Vishnu said,”mmmm….some business or Political enmity”

Subramani said,”hmm…there is a possibility for that because Kannappan supported many rising politicians also by giving them funds”

Vishnu said,”there you are”

Subramani said,”yes, we can start our investigation from Bairavan”

Subramani looked at the book of Shivapurana on the table. He was not able to take his eyes from the book while they were chatting.

Subramani asked,”Sir, how long you were reading this book?”

Vishnu said,”I first came across this book when I was 25 years old. This is a treasure trove.”

Subramani asked,”are you a devotee of Shiva?”

Vishnu said,”Not a big devotee, but I like these stories. I also visit many temples of Shiva. But not a sincere devotee. that these many huge Shiva temples in India got built only with the grace of Lord Shiva. But I am not able to see him”

Subramani said,”do you believe him or not?”

Vishnu said,”I don’t know, but about the enormous power of him”

Subramani said,”hmm”

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Vishnu said,”there is some superpower, which these people had given the name as Shiva”

Subramani said,”Shiva means Nothingness”

Vishnu asked,”what?”

Subramani said,”yes sir, the word Shiva means that which does not exist”

Vishnu asked,”then why do the people worship that which doesn’t exist?”

Subramani said,”they gave the form as a Linga, but no one knows his original form”

Vishnu said,”Ok, we will discuss the matter later”

Subramani asked,”mmm…give the mobile number of Adiseshan sir”

Vishnu took his mobile phone and forwarded the contact number of Adiseshan to Subramani.

Subramani received the mobile number.

Vishnu said,”I will inform Adiseshan tonight about you. He will take care of the rest”

Subramani said,”thank you, sir”

Vishnu asked,”now the time is 7.45 p.m., will we go for a dinner?”

Subramani said,”can you come to my home for dinner?”

Vishnu said,”no man, I like to have it in loneliness”

Subramani said,”hmm”

Vishnu said,”today my maid has gone to Kannappan’s wife death ritual”

Subramani asked,”Oh, so she has not cooked food for you ?”

Vishnu said,”yes”

Subramani said,”Ok sir, then I will make a move”

Vishnu said,”tomorrow morning don’t forget to do your duty”

Subramani said,”sure sir, I will do it in a confidential way”

Vishnu said,”hmm…good”

Subramani left Vishnu’s house.Vishnu closed his book and got himself dressed. He came out of the house and locked the door. He went to a nearby hotel and had his dinner. After the dinner session, he came back to his home. After a long day of work, he fell on his bed to sleep.

(To be continued….)

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