P V Sindhu – The rising superstar of India

The entire nation has a reason to celebrate last week. That is because our very own star has made India very proud. Just 22 years old, P V Sindhu has redefined Indian badminton in the world’s stage.

It was a very tough draw for the lanky lady, having to cross two top seeded players in her way to the finals. But she marked her victory in finesse and style. She was very consistent in her performance and her stamina was great. Sindhu maintained her composure throughout the tournament and made just a handful of errors.

The final showdown between her and Nozomi  Okuhara, the Olympic bronze medalist, was predicted as a tough match and it turned out to be one of the most nail-biting finishes in recent badminton history. Full form of commonly used words

The first set itself was a tough game, with the scorecard reading the same almost at all the times. Sindhu, however failed to make use of the two game points she had and went down to Okuhara 19-21.

The second set was the most phenomenal one of the match. Having lost the first set. Sindhu came back with a bang and was very resolved. She became aggressive and played a lot of smashes. However Okuhara fought back with equal determination and finally the score read 20-21 in favor of Sindhu. Lumbers of Good Market Value

Then came the most amazing 73 shot rally. The audience was pushed to the end of their seats as both the players made some unbelievable saves and were fighting tooth and nail. But Sindhu got the icing on the cake when Okuhara hit the net at last. The entire stadium was filled with resounding applause after this display of magnificence.

In the third set, it was very evident that both the players were physically exhausted. Yet their determination kept them going on. Like the other two sets, the two players were at equal points most of the game. In the end, the score read 20-21 in favor of Okuhara. After another brilliant rally, Sindhu went down 20-22 and Okuhara became the first Japanese to win the gold medal at the world badminton championships. The final score was 19-21,22-20,20-22. Significance of wind turbines

It was a golden night and Sindhu only narrowly missed out on the elusive gold medal. But she is very young and her coach Pullela Gopichand has promised she will win a lot of such medals in the future. But we all know that Sindhu has already won all of our hearts.

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