Full form of commonly used words in e-mail communications

FYI, EOM, NNTO.. We use these very common words in our mail communications. In today’s fast life everyone wants to optimize their time even when they communicate to each other’s. If you communicate with other person, then you would like to talk much more within the short period. You can optimize your time by using the words into conversation. We sometime find the short words into our chat that we could not be able to understand. Therefore, here I have listed some most commonly used words that you can use in mail conversation.

EOM                   End Of Message
WFH                   Working From Home
FYA                     For Your Action
NNTO                 Need Not To Open
AFAIK                 As Far As I Know
BTW                   By The Way
FYI                      For Your Information
WRT                   With Regard To
OT                      Off Topic
NNTR                 No Need To Respond
PFA                    Please Find the Attachment
ASAP                 As Soon As Possible
CC                      Carbon Copy
F2F                     Face To Face




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