Create your own stylish Night Light – You Can DIY Today!

A simple night lamp, with basic ingredients, this DIY craft is definitely very easy and can be finished within a day without extra efforts. I got this idea from Youtube, and obviously, you can derive different shapes from this kind of lamp of your choice. It is environment-friendly and looks beautiful as a room décor.

What you need:

  1. Cardboard/Mount Board
  2. Chart Paper(Optional)
  3. Paint(Acrylic suggested)
  4. A bulb
  5. Other craft necessities

So, here’s what you need to do.

Take the cardboard and divide it (don’t cut) into three equal parts vertically (Length of the cardboard is up to you, how big you want the lamp to be). Also, leave a narrow space at both extreme ends. You will know why later. The figure below will explain it.

Next at the extreme edges, cut out the top right corners in a curve shape as shown. Alright, now the outline of the lamp is done.

Now, this part is a little hectic. Cut out diamonds in the cardboard(or any shape) just like the figure shown below. Dunzo, your lamp has a design now! You can see you the curve has been cut out and the narrow space below.

The last step is the painting. What I did was give the lamp shades of blue so it gets an amazing look in the dark. You can paint it with any color. I gave the shade using a sponge. At first, I painted the whole thing ocean/dark blue. Then I mixed 1:5 portions of white and blue respectively in a pellet and painted it a little above the bottom of the lamp. Then I smudged it using the sponge. Then I mixed 3:5 parts of white and blue and painted the same at the top of the lamp. Smudging was done the same way as mentioned above. Ta-Da! The lamp is colored.

Now take the two extreme edges, and stick the two narrow spaces to each other (one on top of the other), and now your lamp just got a shape! Wohoo! See carefully how the narrow spaces are stuck. It will take some time for them to stick, because of the cardboards’ weight. You need to keep holding it until it is stuck or keep a weight on it.

All you need to do now is put a bulb under the lamp. You can give a platform to the bulb, as I mentioned in the previous article “Paper Lamp”. You must be wondering why I mentioned chart paper in the required things. I just put this paper in the shape of the lamp inside the lamp, so that the light coming from the bulb is not too bright. After all, it’s a bed lamp.

Hope you liked this simple DIY. Please comment for suggestions! You can also see more crafts on Stay tuned for more DIY’s to come.

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