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Colorful traditional craft festival – Suraj Kund Fair

India with its incredible beauty has spread the greatness vividly. It is famous for richness in cultures and traditions which are carried from years and will lead through years. Fairs spread the aura by offering togetherness, sprinkling love, a huge respect for traditions, where creativity stands alive and a booster to fatigue minds. Surajkund Fair, the largest crafts fair in the world, stands out as a gem, enhancing the beauty of the country. It is a primeval reservoir of the 10th century located at Faridabad about 8 kilometers away from South Delhi. It literally means ‘Lake of the Sun’ which is built in the ambiance of Aravalli Hills with an amphitheater-shaped reservoir constructed in a semi-circular form. Its creator was a sun worshipper named King Suraj Pal who allied Tomar dynasty.

A colorful traditional craft festival is held every year in the precincts of Surajkund from February 1 to 15. It was started in 1987. The people from all over the world come and be part of it by sharing their talents across. Traditional craftsmen such as weavers, painters, artists, and sculptors from various countries participate in activities held on the auspicious days. It is also termed as “Surajkund Designers’ Village”. Its elegance is relished and praised by art and craft lovers worldwide. The items include designer works created by wood, metal, iron, bamboo, textiles, stone and glass.

It is held with a different theme representing Indian Culture and Crafts, every year. Themes further enhance and brighten the celebration by welcoming people into an altogether different traditional world contained with its unified colors, lavish materials, classic architecture, opulent furniture and artistic decorations. All of other things, it also serves a great variety of traditional food items to its guests through the food festival.

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Surajkund Crafts Fair will be organized 32nd time, in 2018, by the Haryana Tourism Department. The theme is yet to be announced. People can admire the combination of vibrant shades of culture and also spread happiness by their presence to the ‘talented creative heads’.

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