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Chhath – The Global festival of Bihar

“The Navratra bid adieu, Diwali departed after lighting even the darkest corners, what now Maa?”, asked Rahul to his mother, as she replies “Chhath Puja, son”, while baking the delicious chhath cuisines. “We ask prayers from the Sun God and the deity of goddess Chhath”, she adds.

Wait…What?? Goddess Chhath???

Welcome to, In Indian Subcontinent, the land of numerous feasts, October is the busiest month of them all. Back to back bashes of Durga Puja, Diwali and Chhath make the nation feel as if there’s a wedding going on in everyone’s house.

Chhath Puja: Origin, Significance and rituals

Chhath is a 2-day festival mostly celebrated in Bihar and elsewhere Bihari Community live. On the first day, the devotee worships the evening (or setting) sun and the next morning is the turn to worship the morning sun.

According to the Hindu beliefs, Chhath is a process of absorbing the solar energy using the methods similar to Hath Yog.

Now, Hath Yog can be anything, ranging from fasting to standing in cold water. In older Hindu scriptures, there are many accounts of the Worshippers standing on one leg for years to get some specific thing from God as an act of Hath Yog.

The word Chhath is derived from the word “Chhah” meaning ‘Six” in English, as the festival starts on the sixth day of the month of Kartik according to the Hindu Panchang/Patra or Calendar. Since the Hindu Calendar is different than the English calendar, that’s why the dates of Chhath varies every year in English Calendar.

According to the Hindu mythology, Chhath Puja is a set of rituals, which are done in 6 phases allegedly to receive Solar energy.


As an act of the will, the devotee is supposed to be in fasting (Vrat is the Sanskrit name for fasting, hence the fasting devotee is said to be the Vratee) for the first phase. The next two stages involve standing half-body submerged (till naval region) in water and enabling your body to be ready to absorb the Cosmic energy from the Sun through your Retinal-channel. The fourth phase is the activation of the Triveni Complex. Fifth and Sixth phases cover the polarization of Spinal chord and transformation of the body of the devotee as a powerhouse and then release of Energy through his/her body as his/her body has been transformed into a channel of power flow.

Significance of the mighty sacred word “Om”

The other reason behind the organization of Chhath Puja is to cook food out of Gur (Brown colored sugar, formed by boiling sugarcane juice) and consume some specific fruits which is medically beneficial to have in a cold climatic condition to keep your body warm and prevent you from hypothermia.

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