Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water – Natural Elixir

Lemons the natural thirst reliever with infinite health benefits is known as Citrus Lemon trees, which tend to be green in winters also. They are yellow in color when ripe and sour in taste. This blessed natural citrus fruit uses its zest, pulp and juice causing miraculous cure to its users.

Lemon juice is the most preferred of whole citrus fruit. It helps in losing weight, curing scalp problems such as dandruff, clears skin, helps in digestion, cure for kidney stones, good source of vitamin C, freshens breath and the most importantly it helps in hydrating body. Now let’s travel to the world of this amazing ‘natural elixir’, in a little detailed form.

  1. Lemons are enriched with Vitamin C, an essential nutrient for curing any deficiencies in our immune system and helps in its proper working.

  1. It also has phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, along with a great enriched source of citric acid. The presence of Potassium helps in nourishing brain and nerve cells.

  1. It also has powerful antibacterial properties by preventing the growth of bacteria that leads to diseases and it also cures colon health problems due to Pectin Fiber, present.

  1. Helps in maintaining pH levels in our body. It also helps to balance the levels of calcium and oxygen in liver in case of heartburn.

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  1. Lemon juice with warm water helps to flush out toxins promoting to weight loss. If drank on empty stomach every morning helps you reduce and get into shape in few months. It only requires patience as it slowly and rapidly works on body fats.

  1. Supports digestion and also helps in encouraging bile production. It also aids the production of digestive juices.

  1. It helps to cure common cold and also inflammation of joints at the time of increased level of uric acid, if taken in warm water at the correct time of the day and as prescribed by the doctor.

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  1. It helps in curing bad breath and also promotes teeth whitening naturally. Diluted form is best, as the pure lemon juice can affect the enamel of your teeth.

  1. It also cures skin problems such as wrinkles, acne and dryness.

  1. Eye infections are also cured by drinking lemon water making them healthier.

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  1. It also helps to replenish the body salts after a high strenuous workout schedule.

This ‘Natural Elixir’ is the best way to start your day with. One glass of warm lemon water with a teaspoon of honey will do wonders by promoting healthier body functioning. Have a great day and do comment your reviews on it, in the comment section below.

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