5 Must Know Twitter features

Twitter is a service that was written in Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Scala. The site launched in 2006 now boasts of a whopping 313 million user. It’s a company which has racked a jaw dropping $2.21 billion in revenues. With offices in 25 locations around the world and service available in several languages twitter has truly become a global platform.

We will look into the features that you can use to enhance your twitter experience –

  1. In app video Yes now the twitter app allows you to record and share videos from the app, instead of having to go to go through the gallery. This feature is normally ignored in spite of being a very handy and powerful feature. This can be done by following the following steps:
  • Open the twitter app
  • Tab and hold the video record icon
  • And now you can do create and share a video
  1. Direct messages, Now as long as you like – For the people who love to send long messages and greetings, and found the direct messages restricting them with the 140 word limit. CONGRATULATIONS now the new update allows you to send messages of up to 10,000 characters. So go on and let twitter no cut short your messages anymore.
  1. POLLS – Need to hear the public opinion on question? Want to outsmart your friends with an opinion poll? Yes, you guessed it twitter gives you this feature so next time your friend goes more people support Manchester United than Chelsea!!! Post a poll via your twitter account and see that the world bleeds blue.

This is simple all you need to do is:

  • Select the compose box on the top of your timeline
  • Now select the “Add poll” icon
  • Followed by this you would be needed to enter the poll question
  • After that you will be prompted to add choices to the question. While twitter provides tow choices you can add a choice if needed by choosing the “+ Add a choice” (you can have a maximum of 4 choices)
  • The default duration of the poll is a day but you can change the time period assigned to it by clicking on “1 day” and adjusting it to the needed period.
  • To post the poll simply click on tweet
  1. Moments – A new feature that collects the trending topic on the web and creates a collage of the same only to display them in an eye catching ‘one-stop-for-all’ style. This feature introduced to keep up with other social sites like facebook which have been hogging the market. However now that twitter has become a publicly held company it no longer has the rapidly evolving social media icon it once was, as some say that it is more a place to voice your thoughts to people than actually communicating. The ‘Moment’ icon is an easily recognizable one, it is a lightning symbol same as that of Flash (DC comics).
  1. “Favorite” no longer liked – Twitter has recently changed the “Favorite” button to a “Like” button. To a normal user it may not even be obvious as the only noticeable difference is the replacement of the old star button by a new heart button. Many people are debating on weather twitter has taken a step in the wrong direction (so to say) there is really no difference in functionality of the feature. That said the ‘hardcore’ twitter users have been debating over the change and the opening is split over this feature. (You could always post, sorry tweet a poll)

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