5 Cool Snapchat Tips and Tricks

Launched in 2011 snapchat has gained popularity and has become one of the top messaging app used today, with over a 150 million daily active users snapchat has become one of the most trending tool that is used for messaging these days. It is not considered a user friendly app with a few of its best features go unnoticed as they are not very apparent.

Here are a few cool features that can help you change the way you use snapchat:

  1. Voice and video calls- The March update brought with it a welcome feature of voice and video call. It is embedded to the snapchat’s chat and you can use this by opening a chat with someone and pressing the phone and a video icon that appears below the chat box.The new update allows you to send videos of a 10 second period or make call.
  1. Optimize data usage- To do this you can turn on your travel mode, this has a twofold advantage one is that it prevents a great drain on the battery, two it helps you to save mobile data. This is done by preventing the auto download of stories allowing you to decide when and which stories to download. To switch on the travel mode –
  • Open snapchat
  • Click the snapchat icon(goast icon) that appears on the top
  • Now click the settings icon to the right
  • Select “Additional Services”
  • Tap on “Manage”
  • Finally turn on the “Travel Mode”
  1. Remove a specific snap of a story- If you have added a snap to a Story by mistake and shared it you have the option to go to it and remove the particular snap. To do this –
  • Open snapchat
  • Go to Stories
  • Now locate the unwanted snap
  • Swipe up and tap on the delete button to remove the snap
  1. LONG texts- If you are one of those people who feel the character limit of snapchat is holding you back from expressing yourself there is a way to work around the restraint. As snapchat has not increased the size of messages now you go ahead and get your messages through as long as you like. You need to go to your text editor on your phone whichever one you have and type your message there and copy it. Following which you open snapchat and paste it in the black text field to get your long messages through.
  1. Add music to it- Make the most of the features provided to make your Stories interesting, just add a tune to it. You can also use this feature to add music to your videos and make them fun. The simplest of all the feature, it only needs you to play the song you wish to put on your snap or video through any music app you have (Google Play Music ,Saavan, iTunes…) then take the snap or record the video and snapchat will automatically, fuse the tune with you visual media.

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