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Children’s day, Really?

14th November, celebrated as Children’s day in India, is also the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. Nehru loved children, hence proposed to celebrate his birthday as Children’s day.


Ever thought what difference does this make in a child’s life?

Let’s examine.

Here is a list of 5 things an average child does on this day:

  1. School and Coaching classes off
  2. Listen to a long speech by Principal on the Life of Nehruji
  3. Get chocolates
  4. Watch an extra hour of T.V.
  5. Play for an extra hour with friends.

But wait, these facilities are too for school going kids only. What about those who don’t go to school?

Here are 5 things Non-School going kids will do:

  1. Sleep empty-stomach, today too.


What to do, he has nobody to inform him that it’s his day today, come on, he is a child too. Only that he doesn’t know who’s Mr. Nehru.

Don’t worry he will never know why the yellow school-buses are not honking on roads.

  1. Pick rags from your locality, today too.

He too has nobody to offer him a chocolate saying that he’s awesome and can make a difference to the nation tomorrow. He will pick rags, today too, wondering why every child in the locality is walking in fancy dresses, what to do he doesn’t know about the cultural programme in their schools.

  1. Spend the beautiful day, doped, today too.

Today, an alarming situation has arisen in front of us – Homeless Children getting addicted to different types of drugs, specially Dendrite (an adhesive used for mending shoes). Some who cannot afford this take the help of Biri (cigarettes without filters). What to do, they got drugs when they were starving. They got drugs instead of clothes when they were shivering with cold.

How great a glory it is, let’s talk someday in peace. Now is too early.

  1. Get abuses from his master at Tea Shop, today too.

He couldn’t dream of reaching the moon because he was handed a teapot, not books.

The only use he knew of paper was to safeguard his hands from getting burnt because of holding teapot’s handle. Next time when you go to a tea shop or a dhaba don’t forget to witness his puzzled face when you ask him “What do you want to become in future?”.

  1. Travel to nowhere, today too.

What do we do when we see a child in a train, or at the railway station, begging for money?

Of course, we feel bad and say “I feel so sorry for them, I wish they could get a better life!

I believe that this is more than enough to change their situation and give them a better life, right?


Why do we celebrate Children’s day as a one-day event?

There are some people who have devoted their lives to serve these under-privileged Children, who really have a heart for these forgotten angels of God. But nothing is really going to change unless we all don’t take actions for them.

So, this Children’s day don’t only Celebrate it, but help these kids to celebrate their life and dream for a better future. They have a brain none lesser than that of any other kid, just a pinch of opportunity is needed, who knows, Abraham Lincon was once one of them.

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