10 Annoying Things That Roommates Do

A roommate is the first soulmate of a person in the entire life, but there are a few highs and lows with our first-day mate. We create memories with them that we never forget. The memories have some sweet parts, some sour as well. Here is a list of 10 things every roommate does to honor us –

  1. RIP, my snacks

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Holidays over? Wanna return to hostel?

Look who’s waiting, Your Roommate.

You’re lucky enough if your snacks survive for two days because your predators are ready to attack on the food items you have brought,because your family is less yours and more theirs, so does the food (atleast at this moment).

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  1. Woah, I am a Rockstar.


Have a musician friend? Congratulations, half your life is already ruined.

Be it a sad ballad, romantic or a classy song, any song from him/her is all the same – they are enough to bless your day with a headache.

Make it worse, 10 pm, you’re trying to sleep and the Rockstar has just begun the torture (a.k.a the Jam Session) and you have a sweet sleep and fly in the blues with your cheesy dreams, right?

Now, cherry to the pie, singer roommates have a special grace of God of singing 100-times better with earphones on and not noticing the damage done in the surrounding. Cheers.

  1. Man, where are my clothes?
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When you get a roommate, you don’t only get a person who owns more than 70% space of your room, but also a co-owner of your clothes, shoes, slippers, soap, facewash and Perfume.

Just imagine how soothing it is not to get your favorite dress for the party when you had planned to wear it even before you were born, life feels so meaningful. It feels so beautiful to recover your clothes from someone’s room one week later.

So next time when your mom wants to gift you a shirt, make sure she keeps your roomie’s favorite color in mind too.

  1. Happy birthday, dearie!               

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Birthday approaching? You should be feeling blessed to have a decent roommate, who is going to beat the dirt out of you on your birthday.

So,it’s 11:50 pm and we have 10 minutes to go for your birthday. He will call all his favorite bodybuilders to put your life to an end on your birthday.

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The show starts by cutting a cake, how sweet. Now lights will go off, no miracles, he did it. Get ready for some serious Thai-massage. Have a nice party, Happy Birthday by the way.

  1. Hello….hello….

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What can satisfy you when you want to take rest? Obviously, your roommate talking loud over the phone.

Some special people have a godly ability to talk for hours over phone without taking a break. Roommates are the elites of this ability. Special thanks to their cell-phone that copes up with them for all these long hours of battle against our comfort.

Just for once, you try doing the same, thank the God later if not laid to rest (in peace).

  1. Shopping? Oh Yeah!

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“Hey, let’s go to the mall. I’ve heard that there’s some new stock”.

“But, I am sleepy”.

“Ughh, let’s go.”

Believe it not, the sole purpose of the lives of a few gifted people is shopping. Just as the sun rises daily, it’s their moral duty to go shopping 7 days a week. But you’re the roomie, how can you not accompany them?

Welcome to life. Life is too fair. Enjoy your shopping. Have a good time.

  1. The Lovebird

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Lovebird roommate is a special kind of species created by God. They will ensure to utilize your last drop of life to pack the teddy bear for his/her special one.

It generally starts one or two months before the birthday of the special one (roomie’s special one, not yours) when you will be shared the entire surprise plan for the special one (and you essentially have to agree to help him in his plans, be it buying things from the store that you don’t feel like asking the shopkeeper in the wildest of your dreams).

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Bonus for you if you’re yourself a musician. Compose songs for the special one of your roomie, roomie’s special one’s roomie, his/her dog…..and your roommate will take the credit for the masterpiece.

  1. .Blah..Blah….

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Yes, I got it. Your uncle gets 2 Cr. salary in Google. Stop repeating it every ten seconds”

“But do you know, yesterday my uncle sent me this photo…..”

“Can you let me complete my assignments?”

A few people don’t get roommates, they get parrots.

Repeating the same old story about some random thing, twice a minute.

“By the way, we have a 200 years old wall clock in our house..”

“Enough bro, enough”


  1. News Reporter, live.

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It’s rightly said, “Secrets are best when kept”.

The person who shares our room also (unfortunately) shares our secrets and makes sure to spread it to everyone possible. Roommates are best in doing the duty of delivering our results to our parents and gain a bit of pleasure in watching us being stoned to death over the 15-minute call from our parents.

“Please keep this incident up to you only”

“Yes sure, I have always been doing this (with a evil smile)”


  1. This too calls for a war

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“How dare you touch my bag”

“Bro, can’t we have something better to quarrel upon?”

Handling the hidden talent of getting offended on even the smallest things can only be done by professionals. If you have not got such a roommate, I am sorry, all I can do is to empathize you.

Witnessing a person who can quarrel over almost anything is a matter of great luck, such a person helps you search the meaning of your life over and over again. Good luck.

Although there are millions of miracles done by our roommates, but if you agree with the above list, share with your roommate to let him/her know how much you love his/her actions.

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